Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bangle Making Workshop

On March 3rd I taught a bangle making workshop, my workshops are small so I really get a chance to get to know students and give them plenty of attention. John and Katherine had not had any experience of working in silver, Jeanette had experience but had not dabbled for quite a few years and was looking forward to reawakening rusty skills! We started off with discussing the bangle making  process, I then demonstrated the forming of a basic wire bangle. We practised with copper wire to obtain an understanding of the required skills then progressed onto silver.

This workshop involved piercing/sawing, filing, soldering, texture, forming around a mandrel and finishing, and a lovely lunch in the Biscuit Factory cafe!!

John, Katherine and Jeanette then decided what they wanted to create, they all involved a mixture of metals, silver, brass and copper, they were very surprised and proud of their bangles! 

Katherine made a beautiful interlocking triple bangle, consisting of two silver bangles and one copper with a subtle satin finish.

John made a lovely triple interlocking bangle consisting of one silver, one brass and one copper bangle for his granddaughter's birthday.

Jeanette created silver and copper bangles with a hammered finish held together by brass and silver shiny tendrils -wonderful - a gift for her daughter.

All of these bangles are amazing - John Katherine and Jeanette did a  fantastic job!