Sunday, 1 May 2016

Silver and Gold Spinner Wedding Rings

I'm often asked to make wedding rings, or couples come to my studio to make their own! Sue and Noelle wanted spinner/meditation wedding rings, but they wanted them to be different from the ones I usually make, they had to be far narrower and the spinning ring could not stick out too much, these rings are to be worn every day, so must be comfortable. They were to be constructed in a totally different way from how I usually make these rings, I had to create a silver channel for the spinning gold ring to sit - and most importantly - move!

The beginning... the basic silver ring shank is soldered, a strip of gold wire awaits its form.
All the players ready and waiting to get it together! Silver shanks, silver channels and gold spinning rings.
On the jewellers bench, silver and gold wedding rings, polished and waiting for the big day.