Sunday 1 May 2016

Silver and Gold Spinner Wedding Rings

I'm often asked to make wedding rings, or couples come to my studio to make their own! Sue and Noelle wanted spinner/meditation wedding rings, but they wanted them to be different from the ones I usually make, they had to be far narrower and the spinning ring could not stick out too much, these rings are to be worn every day, so must be comfortable. They were to be constructed in a totally different way from how I usually make these rings, I had to create a silver channel for the spinning gold ring to sit - and most importantly - move!

The beginning... the basic silver ring shank is soldered, a strip of gold wire awaits its form.
All the players ready and waiting to get it together! Silver shanks, silver channels and gold spinning rings.
On the jewellers bench, silver and gold wedding rings, polished and waiting for the big day.

Friday 25 March 2016

5 Week Workshop

I've been super busy with workshops and one of my 5 week workshops has come to an end with amazing results! Emma, Jackie and Richard had no experience making jewellery, but they had great ideas, all three decided to made spinner/meditation rings, Emma opted to add a blue paua shell, they all wanted to learn the basic skills to make silver jewellery, a 5 week workshops allows that, time to think about projects and no rush to finish. Thank you to all three for inspired work!

Emma's spinner ring with blue paua shell.
Emma's textured pendant with gorgeous amethyst.
Jackie's silver and brass v shaped stacking rings.
Richard's textured spinner/meditation ring.
Jackie's silver and copper spinner/meditation ring.


Sunday 24 January 2016

Jewels from the Lake..

My recent summers spent in the Lake District have inspired a whole new range of jewellery, I became obsessed with slate walls, I have so many photographs of them, I imagine the slates made from silver, the odd gold one, stones peeping out from between, secret doors.. gold leaves growing around, layer upon layer.. Sparkling lakes, gold, grey, blue, mauve, green.... inky blue... going to smoky black. I have a sketch book full of designs, these earrings are the first to be realised ... I only hope I have time to create the rest..


Saturday 16 January 2016

Hello 2016!!

Well hello 2016, you came around pretty fast, you can slow down now..... Hope you all have a healthy, happy and creative one!! Come along to my studio in the Upper Storehouse Corbridge and make jewellery to banish those cold dark winter days! My new 2016 Winter/Spring workshops schedule is now online, pop over to my Workshops page to view it or my website,
Due to the popularity of my half day taster class I am now running a new workshop, Simply Lovely Silver Stacking Rings, this is a longer workshop than my taster class to enable you to make a number of silver rings, different widths and textures, personalise, add embellishments, mix and match your own handmade rings!

Remember if two or more people would like to attend a workshop we can arrange a day to suit you and make what you want..! Just get in touch to book a place,

Sunday 25 October 2015

Kate and Kia's Silver Pendant Day

Long time no post....eeeek! Just been way too busy in lovely new studio - I do love it! Lots and lots of workshops, I was concerned that my workshops would not run after the big move but people have been very willing to head out to Corbridge.
Kate and Kia, mother and daughter, have attended one of my workshops before with Kia's daughter Olivia, the three generations made silver rings, they now wanted to make silver pendants. Both girls had great ideas (puts me to shame I have to say). Kate had originally wanted to make a very organic looking pendant, I smaller version of a pendant she bought in the 70's but it just was not going to be possible so she spent the morning having fun with copper, experimenting with textures using hammers, stamps and my beloved new rolling mill (sad I know), she practised piercing metal (cutting with a jewellers piercing saw) and designed and made a gorgeous art nouveau looking textured pendant.
Kia brought along a plastic pendant that she loved and wore a lot but wanted it made out of silver, as with Kate Kia experimented with texture and practised piercing before finalizing her design and left proudly with her amazing statement silver pendant....

Kate's Pendant
Kia's Pendant

Tuesday 25 August 2015

A Day In The Silver Room.....

I know, buses, you wait for ever for one then they all..... It seems to be the same with my posts, though I'm not trying to give the impression anybody is particularly waiting for one... I just have lots to tell at the moment and have scheduled a time to do it (actually achieving ambition to set a time to catch up with social media networking, website work, paperwork..)
Sooo, I taught my first workshop on Friday in my new studio, I had the pleasure of teaching fabulous glass artist and teacher Helen Grierson husband Joe and their two daughters (I almost typed 'lovely' but pictured them all rolling their eyes...)  how to make wrap around silver rings, the day was so much fun and they were an absolute pleasure to teach, I always find it amazing how people show up not really knowing what exactly they want to make then after some metal bashing 'play time' a cunning plan emerges... and this family certainly had great ideas, ones I may steal, inspirational students!

Helen kindly blogged her silver room experience, have a peek

New Studio in Corbridge!!!

After much deliberation I have finally opened another studio in the lovely bustling town of Corbridge! I share lovely large airy rooms (beautiful fire places !) with talented interior designer and installation artist Heidi Ranson there is also (conveniently) a wonderful Italian restaurant Il Piccolo and wine bar nearby!
My main reason for opening another studio is predominantly - space, I need more space for workshops, my workshops are still very small so lots of personal attention, but I can now accommodate four students comfortably. Secondary reason, public accessibility, I need to be able to open to the public more frequently, and for the public to be able to pop in to see me. Heidi and myself plan to hold open studio's on the first Saturday of every month.

So much space!! Its a really lovely place to work, light and bright, and within easy access of cosy cafe's for lunch or afternoon tea, if later then restaurants and pubs for great food, lots of independent shops to browse and walks for the energetic, I'm really looking forward to experiencing all of these!
If you would like to take part in a workshop just contact me, I'll post my new Autumn schedule soon.