About Me

I’m a North East based artist, jewellery designer, maker and teacher working from my studio in The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne.
A piece of jewellery is an intimate and personal object.  I work primarily in silver but have recently entered the world of copper and brass.
I love clean lines and strong profiles. Heavily influenced by the natural world my work involves experimentation with texture on my forms, drawing inspiration from naturally occurring textures found unassumingly covering the natural world and our own conscious manmade marks.
As with all artists my work is constantly evolving, but throughout is an exploration of the relationship between form, surface and space on a smaller scale while still retaining a certain presence and a little whimsy!
My use of contrasting 23.5 ct. gold foil is an ancient Korean technique known as keum boo, this involves heat and pressure to permanently fuse delicate pieces of gold to silver.
I have come full circle in my relationship with metal, having designed and created large metal furniture and sculptural work while studying at Art College I began to work in clay and worked in Baltimore in the US as a studio ceramic artist and teacher for 11 years.
Typically as an artist I am a magpie, attracted to most creative disciplines, I still work in clay, sketch constantly, enjoy printmaking and teach jewellery making, I would do more if I had another life!