Monday, 16 June 2014

Eleanor and Chris's Big Day - Almost..

Its been a while since I last posted, and I have lots to tell, firstly I held a special wedding ring workshop with Eleanor and Chris, they contacted me to ask if they could make their own wedding rings, Eleanor's was a little more complicated as it had to fit around a huge, gorgeous engagement  ring and my compromise was for myself to make Eleanor's wedding ring and for both of them to spend a day in my workshop making Chris's wedding ring, they would both have an input in its construction. It is a special ring after all...........

Believe me, it was hard work, Chris and Eleanor will vouch for that, a sizeable chunk of utterly lovely 18c red gold.
Delicate guidance in bashing the holy heck outta that ring.. Okay, the literary expertise is sadly lacking here, but that is what it took, the whole world may end up hanging out with the flying monkey's in the Land of Oz, but this ring isn't going anywhere.
Lots and lots of......
Almost there..
Sanding all those little scratches out, they both did a fab job, it can take as long as the construction.
Here we go........
Da Daaaa!!!!!!!
Just up to me to apply a final polish.
We had a wonderful day, a massive congratulations to Eleanor and Chris!!!