Saturday, 29 December 2012

Honesty's Bangle

I make personalised silver bangles with names, dates and messages. I've recently completed a bangle for Honesty's thirtieth birthday, her birthday and great name were required.

Well.... I couldn't leave it like that.......

I'm pleased to say she loved it!

Friday, 28 December 2012


I have moonflowers on the jewellers bench....... well they're actually 'almost earrings' but I kinda thought if there were such a thing they might look something like these! Could be the start of a new range!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Latest Wonderful Workshop

I just completed a wonderful 5 week workshop with Rachel and Jessica, these workshops work so well because students are able to work at their own speed and after making a pair of earrings which familiarise students with basic jewellery making skills, they can then go onto make what they like!
We covered piercing, filing, texturing with a rolling mill and hammers, forming and polishing.

Jessica brought in some beautiful delicate leaves from her own garden, she impressed these onto silver using my rolling mill and created a beautiful intricate pair of leaf earrings.

Rachel textured her silver earrings with a hammer to create a lovely natural bark texture, she added textured copper squares to contrast and the earrings were domed slightly using a doming block so they do not lie flat.

For Rachel's next project she made two intertwining bangles, one silver and one copper, they go perfectly with her earrings!s

Amethyst's caught Jessica's eye and these became the focus for her next project, a lovely amethyst and silver bracelet using wire wrapping techniques.

The girls did a fantastic job of their projects and were a pleasure to teach. Check out my New Workshops page for the Spring Schedule, if the dates don't work for you and there are 2 or more people interested just let me know and we can arrange a date to suit!