Sunday, 25 October 2015

Kate and Kia's Silver Pendant Day

Long time no post....eeeek! Just been way too busy in lovely new studio - I do love it! Lots and lots of workshops, I was concerned that my workshops would not run after the big move but people have been very willing to head out to Corbridge.
Kate and Kia, mother and daughter, have attended one of my workshops before with Kia's daughter Olivia, the three generations made silver rings, they now wanted to make silver pendants. Both girls had great ideas (puts me to shame I have to say). Kate had originally wanted to make a very organic looking pendant, I smaller version of a pendant she bought in the 70's but it just was not going to be possible so she spent the morning having fun with copper, experimenting with textures using hammers, stamps and my beloved new rolling mill (sad I know), she practised piercing metal (cutting with a jewellers piercing saw) and designed and made a gorgeous art nouveau looking textured pendant.
Kia brought along a plastic pendant that she loved and wore a lot but wanted it made out of silver, as with Kate Kia experimented with texture and practised piercing before finalizing her design and left proudly with her amazing statement silver pendant....

Kate's Pendant
Kia's Pendant