Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Roman Pendant...Something to be Treasured.

A Very Happy New Year!!!!
I recently had a very interesting and exciting commission, considering I'm a jewellery designer and huge archaeology fan! Geoff and Laura asked me to make a similar gold pendant to the one their archaeologist daughter unearthed in a dig, a beautiful solid gold leaf shaped Roman pendant...... judging by the photograph of its unearthing it was around 3 cm long and 18mm wide with a subtle texture and gorgeous large fastening hoop with gold drop.

I experimented with a number of texturing techniques on brass, different surfaces sandwiched through the rolling mill and numerous hammered techniques.

I decided to use a softened hammered technique as the original finish was so subtle.

The finished beauty on my jewellers bench!! Geoff and Laura were very pleased with it and reported the look on Emily's face was something to be treasured!!