Monday, 18 July 2011

Slapped Fingers

Well it is slapped fingers for me - but not too hard as it may impede my work! I fully intended to blog weekly and months have passed since my last post. I am not proud of this! I definitely need to get my blogging act together! One thing that has happened in this time that I would like to mention is that myself and and two  artist friends of mine Jill Gibson and Sue Jackson have started an art group called Shincliffe Arts. We meet once a month with other artists to try different artistic disciplines, discuss techniques and ideas, current and future events and exhibitions. Our first meeting's task was to sketch with sticks and ink - it was an excellent project to free us all up and produced wonderful work! Jill is a web designer and has built us a wonderful website, so please take a peek when you have time!

I have a thing for hares!


  1. Ohhh they look amazing. It was great fun - One method to store for another day i think.

  2. I couldn't believe that it must have been about 3 weeks since I visited you, I was doing it on a daily basis before the holidays. Slapped wrist for me!
    Love the hares, they seem to be full of character. I hope Shincliffe Arts is a success!

  3. Jill - it was a great technique, one I have used again - and will continue to. Thankyou for suggesting it!

    Hello Katrina, 3 weeks go by scarily fast! My work can be pretty tight so this project really worked to free me up a bit, as you said the hares have character which otherwise they would not have had. I have adapted this method to other work and have started to sketch with a fountain pen. Artists tend to be quite solitary creatures so getting together to work, swap ideas and techniques etc is very beneficial!