Saturday, 7 May 2011

Its a Ring Thing.

So I have been very much into making rings lately, I have had a ring made for myself and felt it to be such a personal piece of jewellery. Silversmithing presents many challenges but rings have the added challenge of sizing, fingers swell and shrink depending on temperature and time of day - am/pm, and many other situations. I like a challenge, I think I enjoy the planning of a piece as much as the creation! Anyway I found these beautiful stones, a deep violet blue iolite and sparkling iridescent mystic topaz. I wanted to set them in a simple contemporary setting that could be stacked/paired with other rings for a different look. I am posting a few work in progress pictures here to show the process:

After making the silver bands I measure the stones and get to work on the collets, to hold the stones,  yep these are the collets - not so pretty - yet!

Collets prettied up with their prospective partners all ready to get it together. The stones must fit perfectly onto the inner rims inside these collets. Setting stones is the very last stage, so first the collet must be soldered onto the band.

Before the big polish.......

After the big polish, honestly polishing seems to take as long as the construction! They look gold here, but thats the light, they are still very much silver!

Could not resist popping the the stones in upside down - actually I prefer them this way!.

The finished beauties! They can be found in my Etsy shop  


  1. Thanks for showing the process. It's all very interesting and they look lovely.

  2. Hello Katrina, the difference between a work in progress and the finished polished piece still amazes me! The stones are really lovely - but I do still prefer them upside down!

  3. Hi Michelle, Just loving the work. it is really interesting to see how you make the pieces.