Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Brooch Making Experience

So.... I am into making brooches of late, I love the process of press forming using my wonderful arbor press, I like to get a three dimensional quality to my work, of course including the all necessary texture. Using brass and copper adds another dimension, colour and contrast, they seems to sit perfectly with Autumn.

My design is sketched onto brass and pierced out, I love to cut metal!

Silver sheet is textured and press formed into my leaf shapes.

The silver leaves are pierced out and soldered onto the brass back, alot more work is involved......texture, soldering on a brooch back and a huge clean up.. before ..

The finished brass and silver beauty is ready to present itself!

My sunflower brooch is made in a very similar way.
Both brooches can be purchased from my Etsy shop, or directly from me!
Glam up your outfit for the Autumn!

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  1. Beautiful work. I added you to my blogroll at www.plays-with-fire.blogspot.com.