Monday, 3 September 2012

Earring Workshop

On August the 18th, this post is a little overdue, I had the pleasure to meet mother and daughter Hazel and Laura on the mission to make a pair of earrings! After a nice cuppa, biscuits and natter we discussed jewellery making experience, Hazel had not had experience with making silver jewellery but had made glass jewellery, Laura did have experience a number of years ago. I then showed the girls a selection of earrings, we discussed their preference for dangle or post/studs.
 I have a number of examples of textures to show and demonstrated how to achieve them. We practised piercing and texturing on copper before moving onto precious metal - silver!

The day covered basic silversmithing techniques, piercing, texturing, filing, soldering, sanding and polishing.

Well the mission was a success! Hazel and Laura each made beautiful and unique earrings, each have very different styles. We had a lovely creative and fun day!

'Laura and I wore our newly made earrings with pride yesterday and they were much admired! Thank you again for a delightful day, it was good to meet and enjoy your company too'

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