Friday, 11 July 2014

An Awfully Big Adventure...

I'm not posting at my usual post! I'm having a break from my studio, I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Kendal in a lovely little shop owned by textile artist Zohar Hartley,
This was a chance meeting, I popped into her shop during a little visit to Kendal, we discussed the pro's and con's of being an artist with a shop front and how it all works, this is something I'm interested in taking on, Zohar had to travel back to Israel for a while this summer and despaired of leaving her shop empty for so long... the grey cogs in my head began to turn and a cunning plan was conceived - after I consulted Zohar with the details, to exhibit my jewellery in her shop and live on a boat on Windermere, as she said 'mad ideas are usually the best..' Upon our second meeting she gave me the shop keys - a spare set... and here I am, in a lovely quirky little shop on a hot summers day in Kendal.

It was a lot of work for both of us, Zohar kindly re organised her shop, allowed me display opportunities, advertised me and had the windows cleaned! Not to mention her big trip organisation. I had to finish up pressing commissions, think about my display and make like there was no tomorrow as I will not be able to make jewellery for the time I am in Kendal.
This week is my first week in, its started in chaos - excitable chaos I have to say, I've been sooo looking forward to this!
But after some work I have a lovely little eclectic shop..
Of course I had to make some bling window dressings....
This is all new to me, how to dress shop windows and fronts to entice people in, its even more difficult when your selling jewellery, teeny tiny pieces.
This is going to be a learning experience for me, I'll keep you posted.
Oh yes, living on a boat, so far, so sunny, so good........

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