Sunday, 27 July 2014


One very positive aspect of a shop front is the people you meet, allsorts, people who just wander in to browse as part of a day out, people who need to find 'something' a gift etc, the just plain curious.... Well whomever they are to strike up a conversation very often results in interesting, informative or just fun facts, pieces of life, whatever, that you would never have known about - people. There is a lot going on, people do and deal with a lot. There are also the other 'shop keepers' - people doing their 'thing, ' having the courage to open a shop to the public. My front of shop experience has resulted in meeting Thuline, a talented and driven painter/screen painter of animals, usually farm animals who opened her shop/studio next to Zohar's where I'm camping out this month. Thuline only opened her shop 11 months ago but already has a thriving business - selling originals, prints, teaching and taking commissions.

Well it goes to show what actually making the effort to talk to people results in - Thuline and I have become firm friends, she pretty much took me under her wing and showed me the delights of her wonderful family, friends, Kendal and gave me sound shop front advice! Visit Thuline at

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