Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Jo and Laura's Almost Big Day..

Jo and Laura spent a very enjoyable day with me almost exactly a year ago making their engagement rings. Laura was working in Madagascar and had bought two gooorgeous oval blue sapphires, mmmm! They made their silver bands and I set the sapphires, they have the two most unique and lovely engagement rings...

So Jo and Laura came back to make their wedding rings, this was very important to them, they decided on white gold this time, we discussed what they wanted, they had very different ideas. But all rings start off in thick or thin wire form, and most have to be forged into that state..
Laura surprised herself by opting for a traditional D shaped profile, Jo wanted a more rectangular profile textured with a palm tree pattern I often use using the rolling mill.
The most exciting and sometimes tenuous part of making rings is the soldering - baptism of fire and water... go for it!! It doesn't look pretty at this point but it will be!
Okey doke - we have the forms, its at this point some brute strength comes into play - gotta hammer that lovely white metal into a round ring fit just for you!

Sanding and polishing is a huge part of the construction..
As Jo's engagement ring's sapphire was flush set a groove had to be filed out of her wedding ring so the rings would sit nicely together, the palm tree texture she applied looked just lovely, Laura decided on a satin finish, the ring looked perfect on her finger with her engagement ring...


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